My name is Tobias Jahn, first of his name and founder of Nerdchandise!

I am happy to announce that we are hosting a gaming event in our beautiful Eifel region. The gaming event will include TCG and board games. In the future Tabeltop is also on the schedule.

The event takes place every Saturday from 14:00. The days are always very long, even if you join later, there are still plenty of players waiting for you.

Join our community and have fun together! 

Magic release time is draft time at Nerdchandise. Draft is just the right thing to get to know the new set. Otherwise we have Commander duels, where every Commander lover gets his money's worth. Every now and then we organize team commander tournaments, which are very popular.

At the moment we are looking for new players for Pokemon or other TCG like One Piece. If you also like to play against other players, you will surely find an opponent with whom you can compete.

In the meantime we organize our TCG event regularly every Saturday. Our community has grown steadily and we have become the Official Tournament Store of Konami.

Therefore, hear my words: It's time for a duel!